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Hiya! My name is Samantha - AKA Mamath - and I'm an Australian artist and the person 100% behind the MAMATH brand/webshop. If you're an Aussie you may have seen me at a local convention! If you're overseas, you might still recognise my work from the "Boxfox" plush a few years ago. :)

Tiny Pantheon is a little character design project I've been chipping away at for years. Following the popularity of the Anubis and Bastet pins I made in 2017, I'm now hoping to make pins of some more of the pantheon. Some day I'd like to make a little square book of 4-koma comics featuring these characters, too. But for now - pins! 

If you'd like to see how the 2017 Anubis/Bast designs looked (they're a decent indicator of how these Kickstarter pins will turn out) click here for Bastet and here for Anubis.

The Tiny Pantheon Kickstarter unlocked 21 pins, which are now available for backers to choose. The pins will be sold for a few dollars more post-crowdfund so pledgers are getting an approximate 20% discount PLUS the free unlocked bonus stickers for every physical reward backer.

All the pins will be (unless noted otherwise):

  • gold metal 
  • hard enamel 
  • approx 1.5 inches (~38mm) 
  • with rubber clutch and backing card included

A few pins will be larger (notably Ra and Hathor) because they've got big objects in their designs. All the pins will have measurements so that they are are basically to scale with each other so no worries there! You will not end up with a teeny tiny Ra but an enormous Khnum.

And don't forget about the stickers! Throughout the campaign, several vinyl sticker designs have been unlocked. These unlocked stickers will be included FREE to every single backer who's getting a physical reward. Even if you only pledge for one pin, you will also get this sticker pack!

(To see bigger versions of the sticker art, check out the relevant campaign update).

Finally, a little clarification of rewards:

This tier WILL get vinyl stickers of all the pin designs. The other tiers don't get these stickers by default! They exist for the people who like the designs but don't really collect pins. Sticker tier also gets all of the bonus stickers of course.
Other reward tiers who also want the pin design stickers will be able to add them as an add-on in Pledgemanager during the post-campaign reward survey. :)

"PIN-THEON" Reward Tiers
These tiers will get one each of every pin that is unlocked over the campaign, as well as a copy of every sticker (including even the stickers from the "stickers only" reward). Pin-theon gets at least one of EVERYTHING. Pledging at this tier is the easiest way to ensure you get everything.


February 5 - March 7: Kickstarter runs

March 8 - 21: Art finalised, KS funds come in, surveys go out

March 22 - April 19: Pins (and any other items) are produced

April 20 through May: Shipping! Domestic (Australian) rewards will arrive late April / early May while international post should arrive by late May/early June.

Available Rewards:

$12AUD + Shipping

Single Pin

One (1) Tiny Pantheon pin of your choice


  • One pin
$250AUD + Shipping

THE PIN-THEON (no art)

You'll get one of every single pin and sticker that gets unlocked. This version of the Pintheon tier does NOT include an original piece of art.


  • One of every pin!

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